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Translations that connect - Peter Zauner

What makes a good translation?

It is straightforward, clear and correct. In my private life, I like to get my hands dirty - but as a translator, clean communication is the basis for each collaboration. Because this is exactly the true value of a technical translation: it is part of a dialogue between manufacturer and end-user.

I am in the lucky position to experience both sides. As a process engineer with training in Austria and Australia, I am daily in the role of an end-user. This in turn helps me as a technical translator to convey contents with precision.

Everyone knows the problem: You purchase a new device and the instruction manual is translated so badly, it might as well be Chinese. This is not only annoying, it also costs money. How such situations can be avoided? By assuming the position of the end-user during translating. By recognising the requirements and by responding to them.

My name stands for exemplary translations that make life easier.

How I discovered my love for translating

I very clearly remember a situation that I experienced as a small boy with my dad. Two french tourists asked us for directions. With fascination I was listening to the foreign words that these people uttered – and suddenly my dad replied in the same language! I was extremely proud of my dad I– and deeply moved by the connection that I just had witnessed being established. But this was only the beginning.

Later in life, my work with "Doctors without Borders" as laboratory scientist brought me to Indonesia, Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Kazakhstan. These experiences have formed me in many aspects. Whoever has seen true poverty can appreciate their own comfort! Apart from gratitude and humility I took other valuable experiences with me – a few words in the respective languages.

Even today I occasionally enjoy chatting to taxi drivers in foreign cities. This connection between people that language can build is the fundamental driver of my work.

Since 2002 I have been living and working in Australia. English has become my second native language besides German. My work as translator is a great source of enjoyment for me. I apply knowledge and sensitivity to search for suitable terminology in order to equip you with a useful document. My aim is that everyone who uses my translations sees: technology can be as straightforward as the manual is written. It can be enjoyable to operate or maintain machinery!

How you are benefiting from our collaboration

Even if on the surface a translation is only a piece of paper or a file – the top priority is always the human being and their requirements. You, as my customer. End-users who have to consult translated manuals. The change of viewpoint comes to me naturally. My years of experience enables me to identify the details that distinguish gibberish from clear messages.

Reliability is my top priority. With my quote, you do not only receive a delivery date but also a commitment: I will do whatever possible to produce and deliver a translation to your full satisfaction.

Competence and passion create quality

I am convinced that humans should use machines and not the other way around. Whether when working as process engineer or in my hobbies: only the skillful use of the right tools gives outstanding results. Therefore I use computer-aided translation workflows. Only after my translations have passed all quality control steps, I hand them over with confidence.

I enjoy continuous professional development. Every three years, I undergo re-certification by NAATI (Australian National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters). In addition, I am a member of AUSIT (Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators), Engineers Australia and Professionals Australia. I ensure that communication between manufacturer and end-user works. With translations that connect.

Let me show you what I can do for you!

Peter Zauner


Peter Zauner

Peter was born and raised in Austria as a native German speaker and he is now living and working in Australia. He holds an engineering master’s degree from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia and diplomas in mechanical engineering and laboratory science from Vienna.

Through his work as a process engineer in the water industry he is handling a multitude of engineering documents on a daily basis.
In the past he has travelled extensively and has studied Russian and Spanish.

He has a wide-ranging network of professional and social contacts in Australia, Austria and the rest of the world.