Translation of Engineering Texts

Engineering Competency for Accurate Translations

Full comprehension of the meaning of a source text is essential for a competent translation.
Equally essential is the knowledge of the correct and appropriate terminology for the target text.
Trough engineering training and daily use of engineering language Memtrans is able to provide translations that are accurate, correct and linguistically sound translations by engineers for engineers.

In addition, Memtrans is accredited with NAATI (Australian National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters). This accreditation requires continuous improvement of translation skills, the undertaking of continuous professional development and to undergo a re-accreditation process at regular intervals.

Engineering Translations: German – English / English – German

Memtrans has experience translating a wide variety of engineering documents such as:

  • specification documents
  • manuals
  • test certificates
  • risk assessments
  • web texts
  • tender documents

Clients of Memtrans include

  • engineering firms
  • law firms
  • individuals
  • translation agencies in Australia and the rest of the world

Your intellectual property is protected

Memtrans understands that many engineering texts are intellectual property and must not get into the wrong hands.

Pro-Z SecurePRO

Refer to Memtrans' security procedures with

Through its accreditation Memtrans is bound to the AUSIT (Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators) “Code of Ethics for Translators and Interpreters” so that your intellectual property is protected.